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[bin]uimage_3352_128512_tsm_v7.01.md534MFirmware Image
[txt]sha11K Checksum
[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Console MIB29K MIB
[txt]RADIUS Dictionary1K dct
[txt]RSA RADIUS Dictionary2K dct

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
  ARM Console V7.01 (Wed Jun 15 16:38:20 PDT 2021) 
  1.	OpenSSL:    1.0.2u-fips 20 Dec 2019
  2.	OpenSSH:    8.6p1
  3.	Apache:     2.4.46
  4.	IPSec:      5.9.1/K5.4.0
  5.	OpenVPN:    2.5.0
  6.	bash:       5.0.0(1)-release
  7.	RESTful:    v1.0, v2 (Mar21)
  8.	Update Linux kernel to 5.4.xx 
  9.	After installing firmware version 7.01, the firmware will prevent downgrades to previous firmware versions 6.xx and older.
  10.	Add HS USB cell modem support (requires new Kernel)
  11.	Fix Web JavaScript errors (I in chrome
  12.	Add Cell uptime
  13.	Added "/USBRES" (or "/USBRESET") command to manually reset a USB device.
  14.	Fixed SNMP Access – V3 Users: Invalid entry response is returned when attempting to access the priv password sub menu (option 5).
  15.	Added a "Force Cell Modem Hard Reset" command - accessed from either:
  	/CELLRESET (hidden command)
  	/CELL -> 7 (Force cell modem hard reset)
  16.	Added option 7 (Force cell modem hard reset) to the Cell Modem configuration menu. This forces a cell modem hard reset. When the reset is complete, the unit will reboot.