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[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Console MIB29K MIB
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Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
	ARM Console V8.00 (Wed Apr 19 18:00:41 PDT 2023)  
	1.	OpenSSL:    3.0.8 7 Feb 2023
	2.	OpenSSH:    9.2p1
	3.	Apache:     2.4.55
	4.	IPSec:      5.9.3/K5.4.0
	5.	OpenVPN:    2.5.7
	6.	bash:       5.0.0(1)-release
	7.	RESTful:    v1.0, v2 (Jan23)
	8.	IPSec Version:	5.9.8/K5.4.0
	9.	NET-SNMP Version:	5.9.1
	10. 	Login Banner restricted via the CLI
	11.	Login Banner can now be added via the WEB GUI
	12.	ZTP code supports Cisco ISR with option 67
	13.	Fixed static route issue where it disappeared when the cell was not set as the default gateway
	14.	Fallback Terminology is now Bonding in v8.00
	15.	DHCP Client is ON by default on eth0. If DHCP server is not reachable than eth0 has the default IP address
	16.	Update to TLS 1.3/ OpenSSL 3.x (including cross compile on host PCs)
	17.	API request- Direct Connect Info
	18.	Detailed LTE signal strength and quality command (SNR,RSSI,RSRP,RSRQ etc.)
	19.	ZTP debug messages in logs