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[bin]uimage_3352_128512_vmr_v2.13.md529.3MFirmware Image
[txt]sha11K Checksum
[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Power MIB24K MIB

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
		ARM Power (VMR) (NPS) V2.13 checksum Date Code:  Mon Sep 24 08:40:59 PDT 2018
		1.	OpenSSL: 1.0.2o-fips  27 Mar 2018  (update)
		2.	Openssh: 7.7p1  (update)
		3.	Apache httpd: 2.4.33  (update)
		4.	RESTful Versions: v1.0, v2  (June18) (update)
		5.	SANS certificate support added
		6.	Add power data to RESTful interface
		7.	Add RESTFUL port status, also add port Infor to 2.0
		8.	Temperature Menu consolidation under the system parameters option.
		9.	Invalid logins sent to syslog
		10.	Add SiteID, ETHO IP addresses and modem # to the email body
		11.	Separate PRIMARY and SECONDARY loss of voltage alarm so that they can include customer defined info, i.e. Fuse panel info.
		12.	tftp added to the /DFW command
		13.	Added Wildcard certificate export/import (export private key and certificate
		14.	Added Radius session module timeout to Radius options
		15.	Added User permission to disable access to API calls
		16.	Added interface selection to the Ping test. You can choose to force the ping out of eth0
		17.	Record the fact we upgraded the unit with new firmware in the Audit log
		18.	DUO Technology Radius 2FA support
		19.	Added DHCP ZTP support