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[bin]uimage_3352_128512_vmr_v4.01.md537MFirmware Image
[txt]sha11K Checksum
[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Power MIB25K MIB
[txt]RADIUS Dictionary1K dct
[txt]RSA RADIUS Dictionary2K dct

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
	ARM Power V4.01  (Checksum Date Code: :  Fri Sep 15 12:16:59 PDT 2023)

	1.	OpenSSL Version 3.0.8 7 Feb 2023
	2.	Apache Version 2.4.57
	3.	Openssh: 9.3p1
	4.	NET-SNMP Version	5.9.1
	5.	OpenVPN Version	2.5.7
	6.	IPSec Version	5.9.8/K5.4.0
	7.	Bash Version	5.0.0(1)-release
	8.	RESTful	v1.0, v2 (Aug23)
	9.	LDAP Secure Updated to support Windows 2022 Server
	10.	NTP Fixed
	11.	SNMP V3 with AES128 Priv Protocol fixed
	12.	Login Banner-Before Prompt option does not work with newer browsers as the browsers are restricting it. Before prompt will work like after prompt if it detects an unsupported browser in that event
	13.	Login Banner option removed from CLI to prevent corruption from 3rd party terminal emulators.
	14.	Option to add login banner via the Web GUI added. 
	15.	Fixed IETF/RFC4335 Break
	16.	ZTP code supports Cisco ISR with option 67
	17.	DHCP Client is ON by default on eth0. If DHCP server is not reachable than eth0 has the default IP address
	18.	Update to TLS 1.3/ OpenSSL 3.x (including cross compile on host PCs)
	19.	ZTP Debug Messages added in Logs