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[bin]uimage_3352_128512_tsm_v6.57.md529.7MFirmware Image
[txt]sha11K Checksum
[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Console MIB27K MIB
[txt]RADIUS Dictionary1K dct
[txt]RSA RADIUS Dictionary2K dct

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
    Console (DSM) (CPM)(SRM) V6.57  (Date Code Fri May  3 15:41:40 PDT 2019)

    1.	OpenSSL: 1.0.2r-fips  26 Feb 2019 (update)
    2.	Openssh: 8.0p1 (update)
    3.	Apache httpd: 2.4.39 (update)
    4.	RESTful Versions: v1.0, v2 (Jan19) (update)
    5.	Added option to update the firmware via web
    6.	Add IPSEC VPN Server option
    7.	Ansible Support
    8.	Add failed Ethernet interface to Wake up on failure alarm message.
    9.	Add DHCP Client and Server option
    10.	Added Fallback the network traffic/ Resilient gateway opton  
    11.	Added Cell usepeerdns on/off parameter
    12.	Auto close upgrade process after 30 mins (turn off FTP/SFTP) Mario request
    13.	Syslog Port assignment, outgoing and incoming (Splunk request) update menu system
    14.	Update Certificate chain
    15.	Default serial port handshake to NONE instead of HARDWARE (Except internal modem)
    16.	Added Buffer filtering Alarm (Push data)
    17.	Changed the serial port config screen to have tabs, similar to how the CLI is separated
    18.	Changed the tab names with "Configure Plugs Access" to "Select Plugs" on any screens that are not actually configuring access to the plugs (PNA, Sched Reboot, and Loadshedding) (WEB only)
    19.	Modified the serial configuration screen (WEB) to put PPP parameters on a separate tab, and make this new tab the last tab.
    20.	Added a ping test to the PNA and scheduled reboot screens, where we add the ip addresses
    21.	Added the ability to retrieve software version number via SNMP. New MIBS that support this query were created.
    22.	Added a mod to detect if a user uploaded an incorrect MD5 file, cancel the upgrade and close the ftp servers if this happens
    23.	Added Firmware upgrade option via web interface