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[bin]uimage_3352_128512_tsm_v6.62.md533MFirmware Image
[txt]sha11K Checksum
[txt]sha2561K Checksum
[txt]WTI Console MIB29K MIB
[txt]RADIUS Dictionary1K dct
[txt]RSA RADIUS Dictionary2K dct

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
  ARM Console V6.62  (Date Code Mon Dec 14 16:48:57 PST 2020) 
  1.	OpenSSL: 1.0.2u-fips 20 Dec 2019
  2.	Openssh: 8.1p1
  3.	Apache httpd: 2.4.39
  4.	IPSec: 5.9.0/K3.14.43-g875c69b
  5.	OpenVPN: 2.4.7
  6.	bash: 5.0.0(1)-release 
  7.	RESTful Versions: v1.0, v2 (Nov 20)
  8.	Added option to "/I" command to set unit to "Factory Default" (Sanitize the unit).
  9.	Cell ipV6 support added
  10.	Add command (in /CELL -> 6 "Refresh Parameters") to abort cell modem reset sequence.
  11.	Support for T-Mobile added to cell modem carrier option
  12.	LCP strings added to Cell PPP connection test. If PPP connection is not detected, code will restart PPP connection sequence.
  13.	User access based on defined privilege options added to TACACS authentication
  14.	Syslog Server collection point on box
  15.	 Syslog / Alert severity levels
  16.	Syslog  TCP/UDP option
  17.	Syslog TCP SSL/TSL support added 
  18.	Syslog SPLUNK support added
  19.	Webhooks support Added 
  20.	Update Bash, StrongSwan, OpenVPN
  21.	Add the strongSwan version and ARM version to our product status display
  22.	Add MAC addresses to /J
  23.	Added support for firmware upgrade via API
  24.	Corrected issue with SNMP Time being reset when any system services were restarted.
  25.	TACACS option now has support for Account management module, Service Name and debug.
  26.	TLS support added to email option
  27.	Telemetry support added as a hidden menu (/TEL).
  28.	Application version information was removed from the /J* command. Application version information now listed under the “/show version details” hidden command
  29.	API support for the following additions:  snmptrap, snmpaccess, iptables, syslogserver, syslogclient
  30.	Added hidden command "/show version details"